China Telecom Targets a Net Increase of 60-80 Million of 5G Subscribers in 2020

Updated:2020/3/25 23:04

According to China Telecom, as of the end of February 2020, China Telecom’s 5G subscribers have hit 10.73 million. Meanwhile, China Telecom has disclosed its target for the number of 5G users in 2020, with a net increase target of 60 million to 80 million 5G subscribers for the whole year.

China Telecom said that the capital expenditure in 2020 would be 85 billion yuan approximately, of which 5G capital expenditure would be around 45.3 billion yuan, accounting for 55.3% of the total capital expenditure. Recently, China Telecom has started the centralized procurement of main equipment for the new project of 5G core network, as well as the centralized pre-qualification of 5G SA main equipment.

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