China¡¯s Three Major Operators Have Open About 156K 5G Base Stations

Updated:2020/3/5 23:30

Wang Zhiqin, deputy director of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, said in a recent statement that by the end of February this year, the three major telecom operators of China has erected about 156,000 5G stations nationwide.

At present, the 5G stations have generally adopted 7nm-processed chips, with the power consumption of single station decreased from 5kW to 2-3kW, which means a significant cut in operational cost.

It is estimated that at the end of this year, more than 550,000 of 5G base stations will be constructed across the country. Consecutive signal coverage will be realized in prefecture-level cities and selective signal coverage in counties and towns. Important indoor sites will also receive signal.

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