3 Major Operators Granted Each of Frontline Medical Personnel 1,000 Yuan of Phone Bill Exemption

Updated:2020/2/28 22:11

On February 28th, China’s three major telecom operators, namely China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, joined hands to launch the “Phone Bill Exemption for Warmness Campaign”, which is aimed at granting each of frontline medical personnel who provide assistance to Hubei 1,000 Yuan of phone bill exemption. More than 50 billion Yuan is expected to be invested in this campaign.

China’s three major telecom operators will grant frontline medical personnel, who provide Hubei with assistance in pandemic prevention and control, phone bill exemption in accordance with the list of medical personnel provided by the authorities, in order to ensure their unblocked communications in their fight against the pandemic and allow them to send messages about their safety to their family members.

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