China Telecom: Traffic unit price dropped 93% Broadband access rate increased 11 times

Updated:2019/7/30 16:20

On July 26th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized a user face-to-face symposium on boosting speed and cutting costs. The representatives of the three major operators introduced the main situation of speeding up and reducing fees.

China Telecom said that since the speed increased, China Telecom's 4G base station construction has increased by 10.5 times, mobile phone user traffic usage has increased by 21 times, mobile phone traffic average unit price has decreased by 93%, fiber optic broadband coverage has increased by 2.27 times; the input rate has increased by 11 times, and the average unit price of cable broadband has dropped by 94%. In the first half of 2019, China Telecom launched a direct reduction of 90% in the mobile phone outflow rate and a 15% reduction in the dedicated access tariff.

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