China Telecom 1H17 Net Profit CNY12.5 bn

Updated:2017/8/23 16:26

China Telecom released its interim report on August 23.

The company has captured the opportunity of consumption upgrade, expanded the business scale to compete with other telcos, and achieved great results.

During the half year, China Telecom operating revenue increased 4.1 percent to CNY184.1 billion; service revenue hit CNY165.8 billion with a 6.8 percent year-over -year growth, higher than the average industry level; mobile service revenue was up 12.2 percent to CNY75.7, leading the industry; its emerging services accounted for 45 percent of the service revenue, climbing 6.1 percent compared with the same period of the last year.

Raised by 7.4 percent, its net profit came to CNY12.5 billion.

The capex of the first half of the year was CNY41.1 billion while the free cash flow was improved to CNY7.2 billion.

Its mobile subscribers rose 14.85 million to 230 million, including 152 million 4G subscribers with 30.15 million additions compared with the end of last year. Its 4G subscribers accounted for 66 percent of the mobile phone subscribers. The total Internet data traffic grew 126 percent year on year.

A 4.98 million net increase happened to its fixed broadband user base. By the end of last year, FTTH subscriber was up 11.24 million to 117 million, representing 92 percent of the total.

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