China Telecom to Test Triple-Carrier Aggregation in Several Cities

Updated:2017/7/28 18:58

China Telecom will continue to upgrade and build the 4G network to the level with high and low frequency, full coverage and high quality, Lu Liangjun, marketing vice manager of China Telecom Group said at the E-surfing Smart Ecosystem EXPO.

Adding 310,000 new 800MHz LTE base stations, China Telecom has completed the 800MHz band whole network refarming this year. The telco has owned 1.05 million 4G base stations with 98 percent population coverage, basically fitting the "1x" coverage level.

Also, the company has deployed CA(Carrier Aggregation) in more than 300 cities in China, covering 75 percent of the population in China.

Meanwhile, China Telecom has been carrying out triple-CA trials in a few cities domestically to further improve the peak rate of the network.

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