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140,000 5G Base Stations Now Built in Zhejiang

Updated:2022/8/19 14:49

Recently, Zhejiang Communications Administration convened a work meeting on advancing the construction of a province-wide gigabit city project. Ever since the province kicked-off the implementation of the Three-year Action Plan on Coordinated Development of "Dual Gigabit" Networks in Zhejiang Province (2021-2023), the establishment of new infrastructure models have consistently gained pace, along with that for the 5G and gigabit optic fiber networks, which have not only sprawled across the entire province. In addition to this continuously expanding network, Zhejiang has also experienced a steady upgrade service capabilities.

Until the end of June, there have been 140,000 5G base stations in the province, a scale equivalent to 21.4 base stations per 10,000 persons. Having been equipped with gigabit networks capable of serving 29 million households, Hangzhou and Ningbo are now leading the race in terms of extending the reach of 5G and broadband access down to every village, having officially become part of the first batch of China’s gigabit cities.

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