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NDRC: Gradually Extend 5G and Gigabit Fiber Optic Networks to Rural Areas

Updated:2022/7/14 12:47

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) recently unveiled the Implementation Plan of New Urbanization in the 14th Five-Year Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan).

According to the Plan, China will promote smart transformation. More efforts will be made to accelerate the scale deployment and base station construction of 5G networks, ensure that the 5G signals will cover all cities and counties across the nation, significantly improve user penetration and expand the coverage of the gigabit fiber optic network. China will promote the universal use of urban data through one network, build a basic information platform for territorial space and deploy the construction of "urban data brains" in line with local conditions. In addition, China will promote data sharing among industry departments, build a data resource system, as well as enhance the ability of urban operation management, decision-making assistance and emergency response.

China will carry out the unified management of urban operation through one network, explore the construction of "digital twin cities", promote the application and smart transformation of IoT such as municipal utilities and buildings, as well as deploy smart transportation, smart grid, smart water and other sensing terminals. In addition, China will work to enrich the application scenarios of digital technologies and develop telecommuting, remote education, telemedicine, smart travel, smart blocks, smart communities, smart buildings, smart business districts, smart security and smart emergency response.

The Plan also proposes to promote the extension of urban infrastructure to rural areas, including the construction of digital villages and gradually promoting the extension of 5G and gigabit fiber optic networks to rural areas based on demand.

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