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All Websites Must Finish IPv6 Upgrade By The End of This Year?

Updated:2021/10/29 16:40

According to MIIT WeChat-News, some people asked whether it was true that the government requires all websites to upgrade to IPv6 by the end of this year, otherwise they will be fined.

MIIT responded that in order to speed up the large-scale deployment of IPv6, MIIT had successively carried out special actions such as IPv6 network readiness, IPv6 end-to-end connectivity, and IPv6 traffic increasing since 2017. This year, in conjunction with the departments concerned, Three-year Special Action Plan for IPv6 Traffic Increase (2021-2023), Notice on Accelerating the Large-scale Deployment and Application of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) and other related documents were issued.

At present, only government websites, financial enterprise websites, key media websites, major business websites and mobile Internet applications are pushed hard for the IPv6 upgrade. By the end of 2023, the support rate of the major business websites (Top 100 in China) is planned to reach over 80%.

For other enterprises that provide Internet information services or carry out website construction, we encourage them to actively start the IPv6 upgrade, jointly promote the increase of IPv6 traffic, coordinate the construction of an IPv6 industry development ecology, and better support the vigorous development of digital economy in China.

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