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In 2021, Shanghai Will Build 30,000 5G Base Stations with Total Investment over 30 Billion Yuan

Updated:2019/7/8 20:53

A few days ago, Shanghai Government raised Opinions on the Implementation of Accelerating the Construction and Application of 5G Network.

According to planning, in 2019, Shanghai will build 10,000 5G base stations,realizing full coverage of 5G in central urban area and key areas of suburb. Also, several application demonstration areas will be launched and constructed to form about 10 major demonstrated applications.

In 2020, accumulatively 20,000 5G base stations will be built, realizing 5G coverage in the whole city with cumulative investment over 20 billion yuan in total and 100 typical applications will be promoted in 20 vertical industries.

In 2021, accumulatively 30,000 5G base stations will be built, with cumulative investment over 30 billion yuan in total. 100 innovative enterprises in 5G applications field will be cultivated. The scale of 5G applications industry will exceed 100 billion yuan.

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