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Miao Wei, Minister of MIIT: China will Issue a 5G Temporary License this Year!

Updated:2019/1/15 10:49

Miao Wei, Minister of MIIT said in an interview with CCTV that China will issue 5G temporary licenses in several cities this year, enabling large-scale networking to be realized in advance in some cities and hotspot districts, and at the same time, accelerate the terminal industrialization and network construction.

Miao Wei said that in the future about 20% 5G infrastructure would be used for interpersonal communication, and 80% for the Internet of Things.

Miao Wei believes that by the second half of this year, the product that can be used commercially will be put on the market, just like 5G phones and 5G iPad, which will be on the market in succession. In addition, China will also accelerate the application of 5G technology in various fields such as education, medical care and pension.

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