Huawei Powered STC to Launch LTE TDD Commercial Network

Updated:2011/9/15 14:18

Saudi Telecom Company(STC), the leading national provider of telecommunications services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has launched its LTE TDD commercial network. The first phase of the network roll out will cover two main value regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh and Damman. The new network will realize down link data speed of up to 100Mb/s, allowing Saudi Telecom’s customers to enjoy a variety of data services at very high speed.

STC is the biggest mobile operator in the Middle East, which has deployed GSM and UMTS network, and owns over 12 millions of mobile subscribers. The competition is very fierce in Saudi Arabia’s telecoms market. Mobile operators like to deploy industry leading technologies and networks to meet end user’s increasing data service needs.

STC choose to deploy the industry leading LTE TDD technology to meet people’s increasing data service needs. Its LTE TDD commercial network can bring subscribers with faster and better mobile broadband service experiences. The commercial launch of LTE TDD network can be helpful to consolidate STC’s market leading status and improve its competitiveness in Saudi Arabia’s mobile broadband field.

Huawei exclusively provided end-to-end solution for STC, including radio access network, core network , LTE TDD/FDD dual-mode commercial USB dongle E398, and LTE TDD/FDD/GSM/UMTS/CDMA multi-mode USB dongle E392.

By:Nye Sha  Source:C114中国通信网
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