Expert: 5G Power Supply to be Standardized

Updated:2020/8/27 00:22

Since 5G commercialization, network energy consumption has been in the spotlight, with the energy consumption of 5G base stations as a major challenge. Recently, the news that “a Luoyang-based carrier reduced such energy consumption by the deep sleep mode” has sparked heated discussion both in the industry and the whole society. 

Mr. Qi Shuguang, a CAICT expert, suggested that both the 3 carriers and China Tower should actively pilot new technologies of energy conservation and emission reduction, further reducing network energy consumption through platform management and intelligent control, as power charge is their big cost. The whole society should support the carriers in terms of power transfer as the operators are under big pressure thereof.  

Mr. Qi added that, next, the CAICT will continue to research 5G power-saving technology, refrigeration technology (especially liquid cooling), new energy storage technology, energy conservation technology for outer machine rooms, as well as digital, networking and smart technologies for 5G network infrastructure.

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