Media in Taiwan: Taiwan's 5G Charge Will Be the Cheapest in the World

Updated:2020/5/31 20:43

According to the reports of media in Taiwan, 5G network services is expected to be provided in the third quarter in Taiwan. Operators in Taiwan have launched 5G early-bird charge schemes. Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan ’ Mobile and Far EasTone have launched an unlimited package for Internet access of NT $ 1399, free calls if the two numbers belong to the same operator, and TSTAR has launched an double unlimited package of NT $ 599.

People working in telecom operator industry of Taiwan says that from the perspective of global 5G charges, Taiwan's 5G early-bird charge is the cheapest in the world. After the commercial launch of 5G, early-bird users can continue to use the early-bird package to enjoy the cheapest 5G charge in the world.

As Executive Yuan in Taiwan is planning to subsidize 5G charge through policies to accelerate the popularization of 5G in Taiwan, the NCC ’s unlimited scheme for Internet access set at around NT $ 1300 will be one of the future 5G charge schemes. Therefore, Taiwan's 5G Charge will be very competitive.

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