Every Coin Has Two Sides: CAICT Released 5G Security Report

Updated:2020/2/6 22:56

Recently, China Academy of Information Communication Technology (CAICT) released the 5G Security Report in joint effort with IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group. The report systematically describes the 5G key technologies, typical application scenarios and security risk of the industry. For that matter, it puts forward security concepts and countermeasures. Apart from that, it also provides opinions and outlooks for enhancing mutual trust and cooperation in fostering the development and security of 5G.

"Every Coin Has Two Sides". While making good for the society and people's well-being, 5G technology also draws concerns about cybersecurity. Faced with the mutual issue of 5G security, it is necessary to promote an open and cooperative cybersecurity concept so that the security risks can be coped with objectively and appropriately. Stakeholders should pay joint endeavor to improve 5G security level through enhancing cooperation and mutual trust.

The report proposes four initiatives: First, be more inclusive, cooperative and trusting encountering the common 5G security risk. Second, accelerate the promotion of international standards of 5G security and gain global consensus. Third, establish an international 5G security evaluation and certification system to promote mutual trust and recognition. Fourth, strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream of the industry chain to boost confidence of 5G security.

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