GSMA: China to Become the Worlds Largest 5G Market by 2025 with Over 600 Million Subscribers

Updated:2019/11/14 08:05

Throughout the history of mobile industry, no more attention has been drawn to the technical renewal of operators than today, said Sihan Bo Chen, head of GSMA Greater China.

To date 42 operators worldwide have launched commercial 5G services in 22 countries or regions. China’s launch of commercial 5G services on October 31 is not only of great significance for the Chinese market, but also a milestone in global development of 5G technology, which is expected to push forward the doubling of 5G base stations around the world. By 2025, China will have 600 million 5G subscribers, accounting for over 40% of the global total and making Chinese the largest 5G market in the world. The 5G services provided in other countries or regions also have their distinctive features: South Korea is anticipated to have the world’s highest 5G penetration and the American operators are expected to have the highest profitability in the 5G market.

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