Taiwan Wants To Offer 100M 5G Spectrum For Free--- Dont Forget The Lesson From WiMAX!

Updated:2019/9/23 19:54

According to the plan, Taiwan will action the first 5G spectrum before the end of the year, and the local government plans to reap a revenue of NT$40 billion (RMB9 billion) through this. The major operators complain that “It’s much too expensive”, and are surprised to find that vertical industries can collect exclusive 5G spectrum for free!

Taiwan's “economics ministry” hopes to set aside the 100M spectrum and bandwidth in the 3.7GHz to 3.8GHz band as the exclusive “spectrum and bandwidth”.

Taiwan’s “Economic Daily” commented that this decision was short-sighted and that the government should not forget the lesson of WiMAX.

It was years ago, when Intel promoted WiMAX, few had interest in it except Taiwan. Taiwan's economics ministry promoted the six operators to deal with WiMAX. However, Intel backed off WiMAX, leaving the operators unable to purchase even WiMAX base stations, resulting in a loss of NT$30 billion.

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