OTN has Great Potential in the Field of 5G Bearer, ZTE is Ready!

Updated:2018/9/12 14:45

China Telecom and China Unicom have also launched research work in the field of 5G bearer. Based on the current progress, China Unicom is likely to adopt IPRAN2.0 to carry 5G services.There are two technical options for China Telecom, one is based on the evolution of IPRAN technology, and its network architecture is similar to that of China Unicom;the other is end-to-end OTN scheme,and fronthaul, middlehaul and backhaul are all based on the OTN technology.

Qiu Hui, general manager of ZTE China Bearing Network, said that OTN has the characteristics of large bandwidth and hard pipeline,and is the most important basic resource in the 5G bearing area.No matter how to choose the 5G bearing technology route, it can not be separated from the support of the underlying OTN pipeline resources. In the field of 5G bearer, OTN will have very good application prospects.

Qiu stressed that ZTE has long been committed to the research and application of ultra-100G optical transmission technology, and it has accumulated a number of key technology patents and innovative achievements. According to previous news reports, in February this year, China Mobile Research Institute completed a single carrier 400G OTN laboratory test, ZTE completed all of China Mobile's target tests. This test is the first single carrier 400G OTN centralized test among domestic carriers.

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