China Mobile Achieved 160 Million Internet of Things Intelligent Connections

Updated:2017/9/27 15:06

China Mobile has confirmed the 2020 strategy goal of doubling the connections in 2015 and making itself among the leaders of the global operators with digital innovation, Li Zhengmao, vice president of China Mobile Communications Corporation said at the China Information and Communication Industry Development Summit 2017 on September 26.

Mr. Li said China Mobile has made good progress in the last 12 months. Keeping leading the 4G industry globally, the Chinese telco has built the largest and technically advanced 4G network with 1.68 million 4G base stations, accounting for more than one third of world's LTE base stations, and added over 606 million subscribers. In addition, it has reduced the 4G tariff by 60 percent since 2015.

Also, the company has been vigorously driving the promotion of TD-LTE standards with independent intellectual property rights. At the beginning of this year, TD-LTE key technologies, the fourth-generation mobile communication system led by China Mobile, won the Grand Prize of China communications technology in 2016.

China Mobile continues deepening the mobile market, enhancing the connection user base and value as well as promoting scale rollouts.

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