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China Telecom Builds Complete 4G Internet of Things Capacities

Updated:2017/7/31 16:59

China Telecom claimed to build complete 4G Internet of Things capacities at the E-surfing Smart Ecosystem EXPO on July 28.

The application scenario of IoT is extremely complex and has different demands on network capacity, which world's largest commercial NB-IoT network can't entirely meet, constructed by China Telecom, Lu Liangjun, marketing deputy general manager of China Telecom Group said.

China Telecom has launched NB-IoT in its entire networks, which focused mainly on low-rate, low-power consumption applications such as meter read, and has been actively conducting tests on e-MTC, aiming to launch services mainly in the smart wear field next year.

He emphasized that China Telecom has verified and optimized NB-IoT at scale so far, leading the industry in compatibility, stability and quality.

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