China Telecom First Centralized Procurement of WiFi6 Products

Updated:2020/10/29 18:18

Recently, China Telecom began the 4.0 centralized procurement of 2020 e surfing gateway, which required more than 14 million sets of products supporting dual-band WiFi6 function. Noticeably, this is the first large-scale centralized procurement of WiFi6 products in China, which will significantly improve the quality and capability of service of China Telecom, and enhance the value and competitiveness of its broadband and family services. For the industry, this centralized procurement will promote the scale development of the WiFi6 industry chain, and maturate the industry as a whole.

As forecasted by related institutions, along with scale shipment of the corresponding terminals, chips, modules, and Gbps routers will be cheaper. In the next 2-3 years, WiFi6 is expected to gain popularity and become mainstream soon.

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