China Mobile: No Plan on Co-founding Joint Venture with CBN

Updated:2020/8/16 19:47

In the first half of year, China Mobile and CBN entered an agreement on co-building a sharing and cooperation framework in 5G, clarifying details of implementation of co-building 700MHz networks. etc.

Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, announced an ongoing negotiation between the two parties on details of cooperation. Substantial 5G network building will be deployed within this year and put into practice next year.

Further to how to co-invest and -build the 700MHz 5G wireless networks, the plan on co-building a joint venture was rejected by Mr. Yang out of hand. In preliminary assumptions, the parties determine a program together, where China Mobile takes charge of building and operation while CBN affords relevant expenses.

“Regarding the scope of cooperation, Mr. Yang said that the nationwide cooperation program may work significantly better in the countryside, "700M has its unique spectral advantages for the good of the parties and the entire industry.”


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