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MIIT£ºReadjust the Application of 700MHz Spectrum

Updated:2020/4/2 17:22

On April 1st, MIIT published the Notification about Readjusting the Application of 700MHz Spectrum, saying that part of the spectrum previously assigned to broadcasting and TV application will be transferred to mobile communication. Specifically, the spectrum between 702MHz and 798MHz is adjusted to be applied to mobile communication, in which the spectrum of 703-743MHz/758-798MHz will be designated to the FDD mobile communication system.

This Notification completely cleared the way for China’s broadcasting and TV industry to legitimately build 5G network over the 700MHz spectrum. Especially, the spectrum of 703-743/758-798MHz acquired by the broadcasting and TV industry has a total bandwidth of 80MHz, 40MHz each for upstream and downstream, rather than 30MHz(x2) as supposed before in the circle. In that case, the broadcasting and TV industry is able to make full use of quality low-frequency resources, increase the peak rate of 5G network and improve user experience, accelerating the progress of 5G construction.

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