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China Mobile launches a new round of 5G base station procurement

Updated:2023/5/26 21:23

China Mobile has launched a new round of centralized procurement for 5G wireless main equipment from 2023 to 2024, according to official information from China Mobile.

This procurement involves self-built 5G 2.6GHz/4.9GHz base station equipment and co-built and shared 5G 700MHz base station equipment, all of which are procured through a single source method, with a total scale of over 412,700 stations.

Among them, the scale of 5G 2.6GHz/4.9GHz base station equipment is 251,700 stations, and the 5G 700MHz base station equipment is planned to expand by approximately 161,000 stations in this period.

The two major designated suppliers for the single-source targets are: Shanghai Nokia Bell Co., Ltd., Ericsson (China) Communications Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., ZTE Corporation, and Datang Mobile Communications Equipment Co., Ltd.

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