China ICT Industry Revenue in 2017 Is Estimated to Reach CNY 3 Trillion

Updated:2016/12/30 16:18

The overall performance of China's ICT industry is stable and moving in a positive direction in 2016, according to Liu Gaofeng, president of ICT service sector, CATR.

China's ICT industry has achieved revenue of CNY 2.4 trillion in 2016 with a 10% YoY increase, and Internet companies accounted for over 50% of that. In terms of basic telecom services, mobile data services have earned more than mobile voice services, becoming the main engine of growth.

Mr. Liu thought China's ICT industry will keep growing more rapidly in 2017, estimating it will bring over CNY 3 trillion as revenue. From the standpoint of telecom services, the explosive growth and migration of 4G subscribers will provide a bright spot and the 4G penetration is estimated to hit 80% in the next year. Besides, IPTV and IoT industry will also continue the rapid growth.


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