Operators have made remarkable achievements in improving the speed and cutting down the tariff

Updated:2016/1/21 14:48

In the "2016 Internet Carnival" held recently, Wu Hequan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of Internet Society of China, said that after years of implementation of "broadband China” strategy, fiber network penetration rate in China has exceeded that of Europe and USA , increasing to 51.8%.

Wu Hequan said, by the end of October, 2015, the ratio of broadband network of 8Mbps and above 8Mbps has increased to 63% in China, and that above 20Mbps has increased to 27.5% while the average access rate of national fixed broadband has reached 20Mbps. Compared with 3Q12, the network download speed and video download speed of 3Q15 have increased by 193% and 654%, respectively.

On Dec. 24, 2015, the work report of MIIT pointed out that the average access rate of the national Internet increased 1.7 times in 2015 and the broadband tariff has decreased by 50.6% year on year.

In 2016, China will further accelerate the implementation of "Broadband China" strategy. China will speed up 4G popularity and carry out 5G research test. By Oct. 2015, China’s mobile broadband subscribers have accounted for 57.4% of the mobile subscribers and 4G subscribers have accounted for one fourth of the total mobile subscribers. In addition, the average data traffic tariff has decreased by 40% year on year.

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