China Built 607.63 Million Mobile Phones in First 4 Months 2017

Updated:2017/6/5 15:01

MIIT announced stable overall performance of electronic information manufacturing industry in the first four months of 2017 recently.

During the period, 607.63 million mobile phones, 88.36 million microcomputer equipment units, 48.87 million color televisions, 1247.9 billion electronic components and 46.3 billion integrated circuits have been produced in China.

The export situation was significantly better than last year, the investment in fixed assets grew faster and the production growth slowed in April.

In the first four months, China's communications equipment industry produced 607.63 million mobile phones, a 9.8 percent year-over-year increase, including 453.95 million smartphones which climbed 10.9 percent from a year earlier and accounted for 74.7 percent of the total.

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