Zhejiang Mobile and Huawei Lead the First Live Streaming NWDAF Pilot Project

Updated:2023/2/7 14:44

Recently, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Mobile and Huawei completed the first pilot project of the Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF) for live streaming services. The NWDAF was verified in the following aspects: application-level experience awareness, intelligent analysis, and dynamic experience assurance. This successfully proves that the service experience operation on a 5G network is ready for commercial trials, paving the way for more diversified data services for users.

According to 3GPP specifications, the NWDAF is pivotal to the intelligence of 5G core (5GC), with capabilities such as data collection, model generation, and intelligent analysis. It can intelligently analyze users/' service experience based on indicators that relate to uplink and downlink bandwidth, latency, jitter, and trigger network experience assurance when required.

In recent years, live streaming e-commerce has grown rapidly and is reshaping the entire industry as we speak. However, there are a few teething issues that are impeding streamers full potential. Such problems include various degrees of network degradation in both weak network conditions and network congestion, which places tremendous demand for experience assurance. Against this backdrop, 5G SLA assurance and automatic closed-loop capabilities for live streaming services were tested, and the feasibility of a commercial trial was fullyevaluated.

5GC intelligent experience assurance solution

In this pilot project, the NWDAF provides real-time service experience assurance for live streaming users. The entire process is visible, manageable, and controllable. The NWDAF works with multiple NFs, such as the UPF and PCF, to establish a service experience baseline through intelligent identification, real-time awareness, and intelligent analysis. As such, it can dynamically deliver on-demand service experience assurance, especially for VIP users, implementing E2E closed-loop operation and assurance of data service experience.

Tests of intelligent experience assurance for streamers

As shown in the preceding figure, the reports with visualized data demonstrate the service experience gaps between VIP users and regularusers. Under weak network conditions, no assurance service is triggered for regular users, and their experience deteriorates with frame freezing or erratic displays, apparently falling below the baseline. While for VIP users, the core network can automatically trigger experience assurance service based on real-time service experience awareness and analysis. In this manner, VIP users can continuously enjoy both steady and smooth services, without wasting network resources.

Through this pilot project, Zhejiang Mobile and Huawei set a new precedent for optimizing the network, paving the way for an upcoming commercial trial on the live network. This in turn will boost 5G networks, allowing more diversified 5GtoC and 5GtoB application scenarios.

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