Hytera Responded to the Infringement Lawsuit V.S. Motorola with a Record-high Compensation

Updated:2020/2/17 18:08

Hytera released an statement this morning with regards to the trade secret and copyright infringement lawsuit versus Motorola (which the jury ruled the loss of Hytera with a compensation amounted to 765 million US dollars), claiming that the company was quite disappointed with this verdict and that the company did respect this verdict but could not agree with it. 

This verdict is yet to be reviewed by the state court of Illinois for a decision of the first instance.  The company will reserve the right to appeal to further protect its interests should the state court of Illinois uphold this verdict.  The company is fully confident that the US legal system will come to a fair ruling over the dispute eventually.

Hytera indicated that in recent years, the company has been continuously improving its management level and its compliance in operation, attaching great significance to the protection of intellectual property right, increasing vestment in research and development and consistently launching new products with its own intellectual property.  Only part of the DMR products of the company are involved in the lawsuit while the rest of its products are unaffected.

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