The Commercialization of 400G Begins

Updated:2023/11/1 16:27

China Mobile recently issued a centralized procurement tender notice for the inter-provincial backbone transmission network's 400G OTN (Optical Transport Network) new technology trial network equipment. The centralized procurement products are new 400G OTN trial network construction equipment, with an estimated procurement scale of 1,910 units of OTN equipment and 11,190 400G line OTU ports. The expected duration of this procurement is one year.

As early as mid-this year, Li Han, the Chief Expert of China Mobile Group and Director of the Basic Network Technology Research Institute of China Mobile Research Institute, stated that China Mobile has confirmed the availability of 400G technology and will initiate centralized procurement of 400G products by the end of this year, promoting the commercialization of 400G. This centralized procurement can be seen as truly opening the curtain for the commercial use of 400G.

Over the past five years, China Mobile has undergone four on-site trials and multiple laboratory verifications for 400G, conducting continuous system research and tackling key issues. Previously, they have already deployed the world's longest-distance 400G optical transmission on the live network and held three technical press conferences to promote the achievement of three experimental records for long-distance transmission of 400G. This has laid a solid foundation for building a high-bandwidth, low-latency all-optical infrastructure for computational networks.

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