China Telecom 5G Package Users at 251 MLN

Updated:2022/10/25 17:49

According to China Telecom’s operational data for September 2022, China Telecom had mobile users totaling 389.89 million, a net increase of 1.89 million that month, with 5G package users totaling 251.04 million, a net increase of 7.44 million.

Regarding the wired broadband business, the number of users increased by 1.61 million to 178.68 million in September. Regarding the fixed-line telephone business, the number of users reduced by 90,000 to 105.5 million in September.

On the whole, over the first three quarters, China Telecom's mobile users increased by 17.46 million to about 390 million, and its 5G package users increased by 63.24 million to about 251 million, with a penetration rate of 64.4%; wired broadband users increased by 8.97 million to about 179 million.

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