Beijing Builds over 110,000 5G Base Stations

Updated:2024/5/7 16:03

At the Beijing Unicom's press conference on the new quality of life in the all-optical scene, Su Shaolin,Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Beijing Municipal Communication Management Bureau, introduced today that currently, Beijing has built more than 110000 5G base stations, with over 50 5G base stations per 10000 people, ranking first in the country; Hot areas such as Financial Street, Capital Airport, and Bird's Nest already have hardware capabilities for thousands of 5G-A base stations, and pilot applications for F5G-A 10-gigabit optical network, empowering residents with new digital life experiences.

He stated that the Beijing Municipal Communication Management Bureau, in collaboration with the Beijing Municipal Economic and Informationization Bureau, has launched the country's first 10-gigabit optical network and 5G-A special action plan. In terms of F5G-A construction, they aim to promote the evolution and upgrading of communication infrastructure towards 10-gigabit optical networks, creating a leading city in terms of network capabilities, innovative applications, and cutting-edge demonstrations. In terms of 5G development, they aim to advance the construction of 5G networks and pioneer benchmark applications, creating a leading city in terms of network construction, terminal development, and industry empowerment.

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