10086 App to Be Disabled by China Mobile

Updated:2022/1/13 14:24

The 10086 App is slated to cease operations as of 00:00 on January 30, 2022 owing to adjustments for business development, China Mobile announced via the app's client. By then, all related services, such as query and phone bill payment, will be disabled. Right now the app has become unavailable at the Android app store and Apple app store.

Formerly known as 4G Manager, the 10086 App developed by China Mobile Online Services Company Limited was rolled out by China Mobile. Both the 10086 App and China Mobile App are offerings of China Mobile, but the two apps differ from each other in focus and orientation. As mobile roaming is put to an end, China Mobile App built with more features and better compatibility is more favored among users. Therefore, the 10086 App on a sharp decline regarding download and usage eventually will fall into disuse and disappear in our time.

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