Tenders for 700MHz Base Stations and Related Antennas Were Started

Updated:2021/6/28 13:53

On June 25, the long-awaited bidding for the centralized procurement of 700MHz wireless network main equipment and multi-channel antenna products was launched on the same day based on the negotiation between China Broadcasting Network Co., Ltd. and China Mobile. In the two tenders, China Mobile will implement specific procedures on behalf of both parties.

Both tenders have been clearly stated that the project funds are supposed to be raised by the tenderee, and the required funds should be put in place. The deadline for both bids is 9:00 on July 16, 2021. The main items of the tenders involve the centralized procurement of 480,000 stations of 5G 700M wireless network main equipment, and the centralized procurement of multi-band antenna products totals 1.74 million, which contains a total of three types of six antenna centralized procurement products, including antennas of 700MHz.

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