China Telecom Revenue Increased 3.5% in First 3 Quarters of 2020

Updated:2020/10/24 19:05

China Telecom officially announced its financial and operational reports of the first three quarters.

Within the reporting period (January-September 2020), China Telecom's total operating revenues grew 3.5% to 292.614 billion Yuan (Renminbi, similarly hereinafter) from a year earlier; its service revenue, EBITDA, and profit attributable to shareholders rose 3.5%, 0.3%, and 1.7% to 280.868 billion Yuan, 92.21 billion Yuan and 18.706 billion Yuan respectively in the corresponding period.

Up to the end of this September, the Company's mobile subscriber population hit 349 million with a net addition of 13.78 million. Its 5G package subscribers reached 64.80 million in the corresponding period, representing a net addition of 60.19 million subscribers. Its cable broadband subscriber headcount saw a net addition of 3.62 million to approx. 157 million. As its broadband access revenue edged up step by step, its ARPU in the broadband business rose 2.1% to 44.1 Yuan from a year earlier.

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