China Mobile Meets í░Black Aprilí▒ Again

Updated:2019/6/1 17:17

As a long-standing giant of the communication industry, China Mobile met its Waterloo. In April, China Mobile ranked the last among the three communication companies in terms of its net increase of mobile users and 4G users, among which the number of its 4G users decreased by 0.718 million in the same month. Coincidentally, the situation was similar in last April. In April 2018, China Mobile had witnessed a -2.427 million net increase in the number of 4G users.

Regarding the situation, the vice-president of China Mobile, Dong Xin, says that this situation in April is normal because China Mobile has classified the 4G users and removed the inactive users.

Meanwhile, Dong Xin contends that China Mobile has seen substantial growth of the number of users in the first quarter this year and he is confident that the annual net increase in the number of 4G users is expected to reach the target of 45 million set at the beginning of this year.

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