China Mobile¡¯s 4G Base Stations Exceeded 2 Million

Updated:2018/9/26 16:25

On the morning of September 25 (Beijing time), China Information and Communication Industry Development Summit,2018 was held in Beijing. Dong Xin, deputy general manager of China Mobile, attended the summit and noted that China Mobile has so far built the world's largest 4G network boasting over 2 million 4G base stations that extend service to more than 1.3 billion people. The Group has also been pushing forward the construction of national optical networks, with optical fiber cables running 420 million households, each with access capacity of over 100 megabytes. Since 2016, about CNY 2 billion in total has been invested in the pilot project of people's well being on universal telecommunications services.

China Mobile has pioneered the research and development of Massive MIMO, one of the core 5G technologies, and taken the lead in applying it to 4G. It has also initiated the establishment of 5G Joint Innovation Center, 14 open laboratories and 4 innovation alliances.

China Mobile has promoted industrial Internet cloud platforms and established connections between 160 million devices, providing connecting services for 45 million motor vehicles and 28 million shared bicycles. It has built a state-level demonstration base and six innovation and entrepreneurship zones.

China Mobile’s “Internet plus Medical Care" has extended services to 140 million patients, “Internet plus Education" has serviced more than 90 million teachers, students and parents, and “Internet plus Government Affairs” has been joined by over 350 cooperative cities.

China Mobile has taken action on spam messages, harassing calls and malware, with more than 7 billion pieces intercepted and blocked per year.

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