Traffic Volume of Telecom Services Hits CNY 2.4185 Trillion in China

Updated:2017/12/19 14:38

According to MIIT, China’s traffic volume of telecom services hits CNY 2.4185 trillion during January-October in 2017, marking a 72% growth year-on-year; the telecom services revenue reaches CNY 1.1644 trillion with a YoY increase of 6.5%.

In specific, mobile communication revenue of the three basic telecommunication enterprises reaches CNY 838.3 billion, rising 5.8% YoY. The fixed communication revenue goes up by 8.3% to CNY 326.1 billion.

In addition, the revenue of fixed data and Internet business increases 9.2% YoY and reaches CNY 181.1 billion, while revenue of mobile data and mobile Internet business hits CNY 502.3 billion, up by 26.6% YoY.


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