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MIIT: Promoting the Opening of Telecommunication Services to Private Capital

Updated:2023/10/10 16:29

On October 7th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) publicly solicited opinions on the "Opinions on Innovating the Management and Optimizing the Business Environment of the Information and Communication Industry (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)." The draft puts forward sixteen specific measures in five aspects, including continuously optimizing an efficient, open, and unified access environment, actively creating a healthy, fair, and orderly competition environment, accelerating the construction of a standardized, transparent, and predictable regulatory environment, focusing on creating a convenient, reliable, and high-quality service environment, and providing organizational guarantees.

Among them is the expansion of the opening of telecommunication services. It proposes orderly expansion of the opening of telecommunication services to the outside world, exploring pilot programs to expand the opening of value-added telecommunication services in free trade zones and other regions. It calls for coordinated efforts to open telecommunication services to private capital, increasing support for private enterprises' participation in mobile communication resale and service innovation. It also suggests implementing reforms in stages and phases to the access system of satellite internet services, continuously expanding the channels and scope for private enterprises to participate in telecommunication business operations.

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