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China Striving to Cancel Long-Distance & Roaming Charges

Updated:2017/7/27 14:50

China's 1H17 industrial communications industry development conference was held on July 25.

Zhang Feng, chief engineer of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said improving the speed and cutting down the tariff of broadband services have lasted for over two years in China, of which the report on government work of this year called for more progress.

Push high-speed broadband network construction

China's three state-owned carriers have been promoting the optic broadband and 4G mobile broadband construction, widening and deepening the network coverage. With 2.99 million 4G base stations, all the cities in China has been covered with the optical network by then end of the first half of the year, and 4G users represent 65 percent. China has kept driven the full coverage of broadband in rural areas and deployed fiber access in more than 130,000 administrative villages.

Popularize broadband

By May 2017, home fixed broadband users exceeded 300 million with 67 percent penetration; Mobile broadband user base was taken over 1 billion with 77.4 penetration. Both penetration rates have crossed the annual target.

Tariff cut initiatives are implemented

China's three major operators have significantly lowered the international long-distance charges of main-direction to 0.49-0.99 renminbi per minute since May 1, and reduce the Internet dedicated line access charges.

MIIT strives to push the operators canceling the domestic long-distance & roaming charges.

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