China Telecom Invested Almost CNY 500 Billion in Communication Infrastructure in the Last 5 Years

Updated:2017/10/23 14:45

Chairman of China Telecom Yang Jie recently said in an interview that China Telecom accumulatively invested almost CNY 500 billion in communication infrastructure construction in the past 5 years.

Most of the investments were distributed in rural areas. With constant efforts, the population coverage rate of China Telecom’s 4G network has reached 98%; 4G network coverage and the broadband coverage of administrative villages both reached 88%, and fiber optic broadband was widely used in rural areas.

"Communication has been largely improved, especially in rural areas," Yang Jie said.

"We constructed fiber optic network in remote and isolated districts, now people  who live there can watch TV, surf the Internet and use 4G mobile phones."

More similar cases can be found in the country, China Telecom has been acting as a responsible state-owned enterprise in providing comprehensive telecommunication services and eliminating the digital gap. Yang said China Telecom will continue their work and serve for more people in rural areas with information communication service.

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