4G Captures Half Mobile Base Stations in China

Updated:2017/8/24 16:40

Mobile base stations increased 14.2 percent to 5.92 million in China by the end of June this year, data of China collected by CAICT (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology) shows.

Accounting for 50.5 percent of the mobile base stations, 4G base stations reached 2.99 million with 360,000 additions in the first half, covering cities and counties deeply and towns, key administrative villages, high-speed rail, subway and scenic areas basically.


China's 4G subscribers represented more than 60 percent of the mobile subscribers, far larger than the average global level of 27 percent.

The mobile subscribers were up 42.737 million to 1.36 billion with penetration of 98.7 percent during the period.

2G and 3G subscribers rapidly migrated to 4G, accounting for 24 percent and 10.9 percent respectively; 4G subscribers hit 770 million, representing 65.1 percent of the mobile user base, 37 percent higher than the average global level.

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