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China Unicomí»s IoT Company, ZTE CLAA and Semtech Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Updated:2018/9/10 11:38

China Unicom’s IoT CompanyúČZTE CLAA and Semtech held a joint press conference, the three parties jointly announced the formal release of Unicom "LoRa Connection Management Platform" products, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

The series includes NetWork Server, Join Server, and BSS Operational Support Systems, which manage access to LoRa gateways and terminal nodes that meet mutually agreed interface protocols and have the ability to "plug and play" when powered on. The product is designed to meet customers' rapid growing needs for LoRa connection management platform.

Unicom's entry into LoRa has a relatively clear logic: to take advantage of its own Internet of Things platform and channel resources, to enter the LoRa market, to expand the scale of Internet of Things connection with a lower cost of investment, and to explore new business opportunities.

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