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IPTV industry set to generate $20B in telecoms bonanza

Updated:2011/10/11 16:22

New research from Ovum has identified the IPTV market as one of a select number of high-potential telecoms segments which could generate $20 billion in new revenue.

The independent telecoms analyst states that there are 11 telecoms segments that it predicts will experience rapid growth and burgeoning revenues of $213 billion between 2012 and 2015. As an indication of the huge contribution of IPTV in its market classification, the analyst believes that fixed broadcast sector as a whole will likely generate $51 billion during this period.

Commenting on the results his company’s survey discovered, John Lively, Ovum chief forecaster and author of the report, said: “Telecoms operators around the world face a common challenge – maintaining positive revenue growth in the face of declining voice services and a maturing data market.
They can successfully manage this transition by identifying and then capturing a part of the higher-potential segments. Securing some of this growth is imperative for players to avoid the consequences of stagnating revenues.”

In what will be of great interest to the IPTV industry, the survey also pointed out that telcos companies will be competing with new over-the-top players, as well as traditional competitors. Advising IPTV firms as to how to deal with this challenge, Lively added: “Adopting a marketing approach that is tailored to consumer services will be key to success in this sector.”

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