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Wei Leping: Triple Play Has No Real Progress And Face Mortality Risk

Updated:2011/3/23 14:30

Wei Leping, the direct of China Telecom Science and Technology Commission, attended the 2011 China Triple Play Summit and said that the triple play is facing mortality risk, and in the past year, triple play has achieved no real progress and the pilot progress has obviously lagged behind the deployment of the State Council.

China Telecom's IPTV Service: Cooperation Is Most Important

In June 2010, the State Council announced triple play pilot in 12 cities. As Wei Leping said, up to now, the total number of China Telecom's IPTV users have reached 6.7 million. Wei Leping emphasized the most important thing is cooperation, and the current model is in line with the needs of market and users.

Slow Pace of Integration: Triple Play Face Mortality

National policy level has made a clear division of labor ​​for triple play, but the two sides, carriers and the cable giant still has slow progress. "In the past year, triple play has achieved no substantial progress, and we have not held a conference of triple play for a year and half, I feel triple play will face the mortality risk." Wei Leping said, "The greatest benefit triple play brought is to stimulate and promote the great development of broadband."

The State System Is The Key

Wei Leping concluded, the road of integration will be long, we need patience, perseverance and superb political wisdom, the key is the protection of the legal system and regulatory convergence, if there is no mandatory of national level, we can never develop smoothly. (by Nye Sha)

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