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MIIT Publishes Industrial Internet 2020 Work Plan

Updated:2020/7/10 23:44

Today, MIIT issued “2020 Work Plan of Industrial Internet Special Working Group”.

The plan addresses the following targets by the end of 2020: to build 20 excellent corporate extranet service cases; to create 10 benchmark networks; to promote the reformation of the corporate intranet in Industrial Internet by 100 leading enterprises in key industries and 1,000 local backbone enterprises.

In addition, MIIT also encourages localities to select 1-3 industrial enterprises to have in-depth cooperation with basic telecom companies, using 5G to reform Industrial Internet intranets; meanwhile, to conduct research on the promotion and application of IPv6 in the transportation industry, and to boost the research of IPv6’s application in the field of emergency management.

Moreover, MIIT plans to carry out the compatibility test of 5G Industrial Internet private network frequency usage, so as to standardize the frequency usage of Internet of Things and Industrial Internet. Concurrently, MIIT is to coordinate the approval of the license for 5G Industrial Internet private network frequency test, as well as to issue the frequency usage guidelines of the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet in due course.

In addition, the Big Data Center of Chinese national Industrial Internet is planned to construct, so as to further guide localities to build relevant sub-centers.

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