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China Telecom to Expand Fiber Optic Network

Updated:2011/3/17 13:21

China Telecom has announced its plans to increase its fiber optic broadband service subscriber base to three fold to reach 30 million in fiscal 2011.

In addition, the company plans to increase the customer base to 100 million by the end of the country’s 12th Five-Year Plan period from 2011 to 2015. The company is intending to replace all copper lines with fiber optic and deploy fiber optic broadband service in all Chinese cities in the next three years.

The Chinese government will invest about $304.47 billion to develop telecommunications infrastructure during the five-year plan. In that investment, broadband development would represent 80%.

Wang Xiaochu, Chairman of China Telecom commented that China offers a huge market potential for broadband services, as only 23% of Chinese families are using Internet. This plan will offer rich media, 3D and HD IPTV services that need 10 Mb and more bandwidth.

China Telecom will enhance infrastructure and work with local authorities to incorporate Internet networks, TV and telecommunications based on the government regulations. The company plans to develop as a complete telecommunications solution by launching more internet applications, Internet of Things services and cloud computing for its fixed and mobile Internet subscribers. Optical fiber companies are anticipated to benefit from China Telecom’s new plans.

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