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China Telecom Announces Results of First Batch of Backbone Optical Cable Procurement for 2024

Updated:2024/7/5 14:22

According to a report from the official website of China Telecom, the company has announced the winning candidates for the procurement of optical cables and related components in the first batch of backbone optical cable construction projects for 2024.

Among the bidders, YOFC and HTGD have been shortlisted for the optical cable packages, while Zhongtian Technology has been shortlisted for the optical cable joint box packages.

Zhang Chengliang, Director of the China Telecom Research Institute, stated that China Telecom is actively advancing its "Cloud-Network Integration" development strategy. The company has proposed and is implementing the All-Optical 2.0 concept, which deeply empowers high-bandwidth, low-latency, and highly reliable data connections. China Telecom is now fully entering the 400G era, providing a solid all-optical network foundation for computational power networks, thereby facilitating the realization of high-quality intelligent computing interconnected networks.

Previously, China Telecom Chairman Ke Ruiwen revealed that this year, China Telecom will complete nationwide coverage of the 400G high-speed all-optical network and expedite the upgrade to ultra-high bandwidths of 800G and 1.2T.

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