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China Mobile Defines Evolutionary Path of 400G Technology

Updated:2023/3/7 15:54

At the "China Mobile Computing Network 400G All-Optical Network Technology Trial Stage Summary and Industry Promotion Seminar", Li Han, chief expert at the group level of China Mobile and director of the Institute of Basic Network Technology at the China Mobile Research Institute, said that computing network is an important foundation for China Mobile to work on "two new types". As a solid basis of the computing network, the optical network is a crucial part of China Mobile CFITI (CFN Innovative Test Infrastructure).

Li further introduced that since computing network primarily requests large bandwidth, low latency and three "full coverages" (full coverages of network, computing and intelligence), it requires the 400G large pipeline, OXC all-optical networking and SDN+SRv6, where 400G refers to the transmission technology carrying 400G services at a single wavelength.

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