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China Mobile Chongqing Has Built 14,000 5G Base Stations

Updated:2020/6/28 23:40

According to People Postal Service Newspaper, as of today(June 28), China Mobile has built 14,000 5G base stations in Chongqing, achieving its 5G base station construction target for this year ahead of schedule, and realizing continuing coverage of Chongqing city and the central areas of the major districts and counties, effective coverage of the key central township areas, as well as  contiguous hot spot coverage of the key areas of 38 districts and counties.

It is said that China Mobile Chongqing has adopted the international mainstream dual-bank networking mode in constructing the 5G network, which allows 30% broader coverage and stronger signal compared with the conventional networking mode. In constructing the core network, China Mobile Chongqing joined hands with China Mobile Sichuan to deploy the SA core network in large area mode, in a stepwise effort to shift from NSA to SA 5G networking mode.

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